The Old Fire Station, Coventry - A Coventry and West Midlands Gem!

The Old Fire Station is on Hales Street in Coventry. Built in 1902, it ceased to be a fire station in 1976 when they moved to Radford Road. Refurbished in 2006 with restaurants, bars etc.

Where is The Old Fire Station?

The Old Fire Station is on Hales Street, Coventry, CV1 1JA, next to Pool Meadow Bus Station.


In brief

Although no longer a working fire station, the attractive structure built in 1902 is fortunately quite unchanged since it ceased its working life in 1976 to be superseded by the Radford Road station. After a couple of years being refurbished, and a reported £3.5 million spent, the Old Fire Station opened up to the public in 2006 as a restaurant, bar and night-club. 

The Old Fire Station CoventryThe Old Fire Station, Coventry (February 2023). Photography by Jack Babington


The Old Fire Station - history and details

The fire station was built on Hales Street in Coventry in 1902, it was used until 1976 when the Radford Road station opened.

After a few years of refurbishment, it was renamed to the Old Fire Station and opened to the public in 2006, to be used as a restaurant, bar and night club.

The Old Fire StationThe Old Fire Station, Coventry (March 2015). Photography by Elliott Brown


Current retailers at The Old Fire Station include Sprinkle Gelato and Sky Lounge (in a modern extension). Also Shu Xiang Ge Hot Pot.

The Old Fire Station


Sprinkles Gelato is opposite of Lady Herbert's Gardens.

The Old Fire Station


The Old Fire Station is in front of Pool Meadow Bus Station and behind the historic Swanswell Gate.

The Old Fire Station


Behind the old fire station red brick tower is new student accommodation called Code.

The Old Fire StationThe Old Fire Station, Coventry (February 2020). Photography by Elliott Brown

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